Hi & welcome to my portfolio!

My name is Patrick Tobler.

And I'm an IT student with a deep passion for technology and design. Feel free to stay for a while and learn more about me & my previous projects.

I'm always open to new challenges. Please contact me.

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Previous Work

These are some of my previous projects. I love challenging myself and try to learn something new with each project.

Alexa Skill: Personality Test

Javascript    NodeJS     AWS

For this project I created a simple personality test based on the popular big five model and build an Alexa skill around it.
By working on this project I learned about the creation process of Alexa skills and had some first interactions with AWS Lambda functions.
The skill is currently only available in German.

Try out the skill

Activate the skill on the Amazon Store and try it on your on Alexa enabled device.

Amazon Store

Web-Project: Starcraft 2 Build Order Reader

Javascript    JQuery    HTML    CSS    Bulma

The SC2 Build Order Guide is a project that's primarily aimed at players of the online strategy game Starcraft 2.
It lets you type in (or upload) a build order, which is comparable to a cooking recipe and reads it step for step to you while you're playing the game.

Go to the website

Simply type in a build order or copy paste one into the field. (Try the one on the left if you don't know what I'm talking about.)

Visit the website

Web-Project: Yamarka

Conceptional    Adobe Suite

Yamarka was created as part of my graduation project at the design-oriented vocational college Akademie für Kommunikation Stuttgart.
I was tasked with the conceptional planning and designing of a web-platform. This included the creation of a logo, site-structure, market-analysis, layout rules and the overall design.

Download the Documentation

Take a look at the full project by downloading the final documentation.

Download (PDF)

Software-Project: Mensch Ärgere Dich Nicht

Java    JFX     UML

This game project was part of my second-semester Software Development course. In a team of 4 students, we had one semester to develop it.
While the end result isn't anything fancy to look at I believe this project taught me a lot about teamwork in IT-projects & small scale Software Engineering.

Take a look at the Github Repo

We originally worked on our own Gitlab Server but migrated the code to Github for better availability

Github Link


C#    Unity

I often participate in so-called game jams - basically hackathons for games, where you create a small game based on a theme in a given amount of time (e.g. 48h).

These game jams are a platform for experimentation, learning and fun. Most of the projects fail or don't get completed but I'm always able to gain something from participating.

Try out my games

Some of the games on Itch.io were made completely by myself, some of them were made by a group of people. Take a look at the references in the description of the games.

Itch.io Link

About me

I try to gain experience & learn about as many interesting topics as possible because I believe the key to creating great things is having a deep understanding of everything surrounding the topic, as well as possessing a very deep knowledge base in the area itself. Right now I'm highly focused on artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies, VR & AR and web technologies like IPFS.

Education & Work

  • Hochschule der Medien

    2016 - ongoing

    I'm currently enrolled in the Computer Science and Media (B. Sc.) course at Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart. I aim to receive my Bachelor of Science degree in 2020.

  • Student Tutor

    2017 - 2018

    During the first & second semester of my studies at HdM I had the opportunity to work in a part-time job as Software Development tutor. This exposed me to a position that I've never been in before. Standing in front of a class & helping them understand complex topics made me grow a lot as a person.

  • Freelance Social Media Coverage

    2016 - 2018

    I've done multiple social media event coverage jobs for companies like Turtle Entertainment (ESL). These coverages taught me a lot about the importance of communication on a business scale.

  • Akademie für Kommunikation

    2014 - 2016

    Before studying I went to the vocational school Akademie für Kommunikation in Stuttgart and earned a degree as State Certified Technical Communication Assistant and received an Advanced Technical College Certificate. My studies there were focused on media design, conceptual practices and technical documentation.

  • Editor at Bonjwa

    2013 - 2016

    For more than three years I did unpaid editorial work at the esports startup Bonjwa. My work there ranged from writing articles & guides to casting tournaments and general community management. At the time we tried building an online esports school. And even though the focus of the company shifted away from this vision I believe to have learned a lot about business, startup culture, community building and a great deal of other disciplines.

  • Internship as IT specialist at Stadtwerke Dessau


    In 2012 I did a small unpaid internship at the Stadtwerke Dessau. This internship showed me a new perspective and changed my plans for the future.

  • Realschule

    2010 - 2014

    I acquired my General Certificate of Secondary Education at Maximilian-Lutz-Realschule Besigheim.


University courses

By listing the university courses I attended, I hope to give you a better understanding of my current skills:

Basic studies
- Software development 1 & 2
- Mathematics & applied mathematics
- Digital media technologies
- Web development 1
- Theoretical informatics
- Databases
- Computer networks
- Operating systems
- Human-Computer-Interaction

Main studies
- Algorithms and data structures
- Business administration
- IT law
- Software Engineering
- Web Development 2
- IT security
- Natural language processing
- Data mining
- Artificial intelligence
- Leadership and management
- IT project management
- Scientific work
- Android Application Development

Language Skills
- German: Native language
- English: Fluent
- Chinese: Beginner

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